Kiša Metaka (Rain Of Bullets) is a Gangsta Rap crew from Split, Croatia. Both their albums turned out to be an instant success, followed by sold-out shows all along the region, capturing the fans attention with black humour and crime-infused lyrics.


Their collaborators include the legendary serbian hip-hop crew Prti Bee-Gee, Shemso69 – the singer with the infamous balkan rock troglodytes Brkovi, and MC Tuta Kamon (Jere Labura). Enjoyed all across the ex-Yu states, they’ve played festivals like Ferragosto Jam, Pannonian Challenge and Asfaltiranje, while their YouTube channel serves over 6000 subscribers, with over 5 million views! Beyond any compromise or censorship, Kiša Metaka deliver killer lyrics, phat beats and boundless screwing around. A band that overloads the venues, and with a good reason!