ST!llness was formed in 2005. Next year they signed up for Menart label with their first album “Sve što znam o životu je… odabrao Đelo Hadžiselimović”, which was released in 2007 and is still highly acclaimed. Couple of albums later and ten years since it’s inception, the band played numerous venues and big festivals throughout the region.


Even the greatest skeptics capitulate, when faced with the sheer intensity of their live performance. One side of their character is ferocious, politically active and simple-as-punk, while their other side reflects the emotional and philosophical content. The Molotov cocktail of hip-hop, reggae, drum’n’bass and hardcore distortion, with vocals both sang and rapped, never fails to open the door to one’s subconsciousness. By their own words, what they enjoy the most is sharing time, experience, space, energy and information with their audience.