Dubolik & Lo Peaks with Dr.Obi

Dubolik & Lo Peaks
Dubolik & Lo Peaks with Dr.Obi (live)

Dub master Dubolik was the member of the former Radikal Dub Kolkektiv. Today he makes an author duo called Dubble with Vanya O. In addition to that, he also does live dub mixes which are made from a handful of his compositions and remixes. At 16th Seasplash Festival, Dubolik will be accompanied by Lo Peaks on bass guitar and Dr.Obi on vocals. Both Lo Peaks and Dr.Obi are members of the bands Bamwise and Jahstice Sound.

This time the three of them will perform some of the legendary roots/dub riddims from the end of the70s and beginning of the 80s. They will play anthological songs that inspire their live performances and production. Versions that were recorded at studio Dub Tunnel were presented at traditional Ljubljana Seasplash pre-party, inna dubplate style version!Dubolik & Lo Peaks