Anja G and Dr.Obi, a dub reggae tandem from Zagreb return to the 17th Seasplash Festival for forth well-deserved third performance. The start of their musical adventure begins in 2017 when Dr. Obi in collaboration with young vocalist Anja G launched a new musical project. Soon they released their first single “The Meaning” for which Dr.Obi signed production, mix and master and Anja G text and vocals. By playing on the most important reggae and dub events in Croatia and region, Anja G builds up her vocal skills. The first official EP with two songs “Bang! Bang!” and “Raggamuffin” came out in 2018 on the AmpliFyah music label whose mastering and production is signed by Dr.Obi. From roots to digital their musical numbers are exposed to different styles. Inspiration for this EP has been encouraged by both social, political and economic situations as well as everyday life events. Dr.Obi started back in 2005 in today’s still active project Jahstice Sound. Today he is one of the best sound engineers in Croatia who is currently working as a sound engineer for Positive Rhythm company. Also, he works with several live bands from Croatia, he is the main technician of the Seasplash Festival and works in parallel with his own dub project Bamwise. From the early beginnings, he is an active participant in regional and dub reggae scenes.

Anja G and Dr.Obi recently released a fresh digital single “Guidance” for AmpliFyah Music (

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