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Festival Seasplash team is infinitely grateful to all of you, our volunteers, who made the significant contribution in making 14th Seasplash Festival so magically positive. photo by: Tomislav Sporiš I 14th Seasplash Festival

14th Seasplash is over!

Pula, 25.07.2016 photo by: Tomislav Sporiš   photo by: Tomislav Sporiš   photo by: Tomislav Sporiš   photo by: Tomislav Sporiš   photo by: Tomislav Sporiš   I 14th Seasplash Festival

14th Seasplash Festival Timetable

As the lineup of Seasplash festival is completed, it’s pretty obvious that the right moment to publish the final timetable has arrived! After a lot of thinking and mind boggling, Seasplash team I 14th Seasplash Festival

The Last Thirteen

HOMEGROWN SOUND Young sound from Zagreb who played it’s first selections in Masters(Zagreb) on a well known program Bass Masters. While frequently participating in Masters on Tuesdays, he also orgin I 14th Seasplash Festival

Goulash Disko program on the BeachSplash stage

Who has ever heard of sleeping during festivals? Even though we dance madly through the night, that doesn’t mean we won’t dance like crazy during the day on Beachsplash! Goulash Disko is r I 14th Seasplash Festival

Greenpeace is bringing solar energy to the Seasplash Festival!

We are very happy to announce that the Greenpeace eco team is coming to sun energize us on the Seasplash festival! During the festival, the Greenpeace activists will provide phone charging, internet I 14th Seasplash Festival

Visual installations and decorations at 14th Seasplash festival

Once again Seasplash Festival brings among the best, local and national, visual crews, as well as guests from neighbouring Hungary, who are responsible for visual installations and decorations through I 14th Seasplash Festival

ART/SPLASH areas on 14. Seasplash Festival

This year, among other novelties, the festival brings ART / Splash areas which will present different street art artists, graffiti writers, illustrators, multimedia artists and art works of visitors t I 14th Seasplash Festival

Festival soundsystem map revealed!

This year, a special Seasplash edition will host 10 heavy soundsystems. Can you even imagine how many wooden speaker boxes, full of magnets, membranes, spirals and who knows what else that is?! We are I 14th Seasplash Festival

More international artists are comming to Seasplash!

Although it is only three weeks until the beginning of to the 14th Seasplash Festival, the number of the artists who will perform on the Fort Punta Christo is still growing! MAX RUBADUB (Switzerland) I 14th Seasplash Festival

Book your stand place!

Seasplash invites all creative people to book a market place for handmade jewelry, accessories, cloths, LP’s and other merchandise and get involved in a unique atmosphere of 14th Seasplash festival I 14th Seasplash Festival

Details of the 14th Seasplash film programme

FilmSplash, the educative evening programme of the Seasplash Festival, is being co-hosted this year by DORF, Documentary Rock Film Festival, which is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Films wil I 14th Seasplash Festival