Workshops at the 15th Seasplash Festival

Visitors of this years Seasplash Festival could also be included in the accompanying contents and participate in the various workshops offered by the festival.

Aerial Silk workshop

Change your perspective with Aerial Silk, dance art on silk or fabric. The workshop is designed for anyone who wants to try something new and who want to learn the basics of circus acrobatics in the air with the help of fabrics. Workshop participants will discover the importance of balance and power, stretch and flexibility of their own body. The maximum number of participants is 15, and the workshop will be held from 20th to 22nd July.

Workshop leader: Tina Križanič (Slovenia) is involved in air acrobatics, yoga and occasionally in gymnastics. Her great desire is to go abroad to study acrobatic-circus disciplines and teach other people similar disciplines. At the 15th Seasplashu she will held her first Aerial Silk workshop.

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DUB Yoga

DUB Yoga is back with us at 15th Seasplash Festival! This type of yoga consists of physical exercises, posture or asanas, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration and meditation. One part of workshop will be devoted to the practice in pairs and acrobatic yoga (acroyoga). Acroyoga is a fun way to practice yoga in pairs. One person makes a training base while the other “flies” alone or with someone else’s help. To take part in the workshop, there is no need for any anticipation but only a little good will. It is ideal for participants to carry their exercise mat (karimat) but also they can bring ordinary mat for the beach. Participation in workshop is free for all festival visitors. Planned time for DUB yoga is from 18:30 to 20:30 on roof of the Punta Christo Fortress from 20th to 22nd July.

Workshop leader: Marko Antunović (Zagreb) is a kinesiologist who shares his passion for health and fun activities with practitioners in Zagreb and nearby for nearly 10 years. The broad spectrum of his interest and abilities extends from a scientifically based approach to the transformational training process of the physical aspect of yoga through performative and dramatic theater plays in theater & TD and work with students at two faculties in Zagreb. Mark also leads workshops and yoga acrobalance at music festivals aimed towards the tolerance and spread of love and culture through music.

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D.I.Y. Dub siren workshop

Another new and very interesting workshop at the 15th Seasplash festival! It is about creating your own Dub siren, an analog FX sound effects generator with a wide spectrum of different possibilities such as generating, modulating and synthesizing different sounds, sound effects, and sequences that are close to dub music and similar musical genres. The aim of the workshop is that the participants along with the mentorship create their own dub siren and after completing the workshop dub siren you make is yours. The workshop will be held on 21 and 22 July in two groups with a limited number of 15 participants per group. All interested applicants must fill in an online application form which contains more specific details about workshop. All important information participants will receive through their e-mail addresses. Additional information:

Workshop leader: RDH Electronics is a project created by two French actors from the soundsystem scene – RDH Hi-Fi, which we will be listening this year on the DubSplash stage on first day of Seasplash Festival, and Melodub Soundsystem. Through this year’s project promotes D.I.Y. culture and self-creation of electronic equipment through workshops and educational panels. Their goal is to work with interactive equipment through observation and experimenting with the general public, enabling their users visual and sound analysis.

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Workshops from the multimedia platform for education and development – VisuaLab / EduSplash

Video production workshop by DMT

For third year now a video production workshop will be held at Seasplash Festival. Workshop participants will get chance to learn the basics of video recording and installation. During the festival participants will also create their own video work. Workshop will be held from 20th to 26th July and participation is free for all festival visitors. The only requirement is that participants must have their own equipment (video or digital camera, cell phone…). The first meeting of participants with workshop leader David Tešić will be held on July 20th at 16.00 PM. All details will be sent by e-mail after the deadline for applications.

Workshop leader: David Tešić is a longtime documentarist of the Seasplash Festival. He had graduated television production in the United States and for the past 10 years he worked as a permanent associate for various productions and companies in Croatia and abroad. Since his 13th year he had also been engaged in DJ-ing. His artistic name is DMT.

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Audio workshop

After last year’s Soundsystem Edition audio workshop, this year will include work with bends live. Workshop participants will get an opportunity to see how group of people works and prepares the main stage of the Seasplash Festival – MainSplash. After the introductory lecture, one of the activities that participants will experience is the attendance at the sound check. Workshop participants will find out which are the obligations and responsibilities of a technical team engaged at the festival. The deadline for submitting a audio workshop is 10th July. Additional information:

Workshop leader: Robert Martinović (Zagreb), an electric engineering technician, he has been involved in music and music production for many years. He also deals with organizing and booking concerts. Through various music events he gained experience in working with analog and digital equipment in various types of rooms, halls and clubs. As an external collaborator (audio master and stage manager) he co-operated with festivals such as: Terraneo Festival, Seasplash Festival, Dimensions and Outlook Festival, Lost Theory Festival and many others in the region and beyond. Currently he is employed as a technician for Positive Rhythm and is a major technician at the Pločnik cafe bar in Zagreb. He is an active member of Bamwise and Jahstice.

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DJ workshop by DJ Venom

DJ Venom is back! Everyone who are in love with music and wanting to learn more or improve their knowledge of mixing club music are invited to this workshop. The topics of this year’s DJ workshops are: club mixing on the gramophone and software with DJ controls and inevitable turntablism (scratch and beat juggling) as the culmination of the technical mixing skill. Also there will be discussions about the equipment and how to choose equipment that best suits us. Workshops will be held every day during the festival from 6 to 8 PM at the Electrosplash stage.

Workshop leader: Davor Vrdoljak aka DJ Venom was born in Osijek and today he lives and works in Zagreb. As club DJ and turntablist he is multiple champion of Croatia and the double DMC finalist of the world championships in London. For 20 years he had been involved in mixing vinyls and also has a large number of regional and international performances behind him. He plays break beat, funk and drum’n’bass on the turntable and leadd DJ workshop which are held in Zagreb and Pula. His DJ workshops are place where young students can learn how to scratch, beat juggle and beatmatch and how to use these techniques in public appearances in clubs and competitions.

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