16th Seasplash Festival Workshops


Except for the music program, Seasplash Festival visitors will also enjoy the various accompanying content such as workshops.

Intuitive Drumming/Percussion Workshop

Radionica udaraljkanja
For the first time ever, our guests will be able to participate in a spontaneous drumming/percussion circle and learn about the skills required to freely, but responsibly, create music in a group. All the other guests who just want to dance to the sounds of drumming are more than welcome to join us. The workshop leader is Nino Orepić, a formally and non-formally trained musician who holds a Master’s degree in Biology. Nino has been coming to our festival since the early beginnings, and his last performance on the festival was in 2011, Neutralna Mistika. The core of his musical vision is in the free, but responsible musical expression, in the search for groove and its creation; in music which can be individual playing, going of the leash, getting crazy with sounds, exploring your own music needs, appetites, cravings, passions in one moment, and then getting completely firm, poised, clear support to someone else in the circle. In that way, the music in classes and percussion circles which Nino organizes happens and exists in a wide range from completely repetitive, shaman-like drumming, to experimental, chaotic music without rhythm and tempo. The workshop is open to everybody, no matter the musical (in)experience. Nothing will be taught classically. Some instruments will be provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. The workshop will be held from 19 to 22 July from 19 to 21 in front of the Punta Christo Fortress. You can register on-site.

Dance Workshop (Funk, Hip-Hop & Dancehall Style)

Plesna radionica

Street and club styles dance workshop this year at the Seasplash will be held by Funkadelik, the underground dance collective from Zagreb. Vesna Grandes and Fine Line Crew crew will be holding workshops in afternoon hours in the beach area, teaching some social party dances, vocabulary and technique of Funk, Hip-Hop era dances and Dancehall culture. To register for the workshop you need to send a personal information to: psfunkadelik@gmail.com. The first meeting time, as well as the other details, will be sent to the registered contacts.

Aerial Silk Workshop

Aerial SIlk

Aerial Silk Workshop guides you through the world of aerial acrobatics. Participants will learn about the importance of balance, the power, ability, and flexibility of their bodies, and the basic circus acrobatics while suspended from the fabric. The workshop leader is Tina Križanič, a young woman from Slovenia who has held her first Aerial Silk Workshop for our customers and guests at the 15th Seasplash Festival. Tina is active in aerial acrobatics, yoga, and gymnastics. The workshop is open to all of our customers and guests. Everybody interested can apply on site. The workshop will be held  between the 19th and 21st of July. The first meeting is on the first day, 19th of July, 20:00 hours, on the beach, near the BeachSplash stage. You can register on-site.

Dub Yoga

Dub Yoga

Dub Yoga consists of body exercises, postures, asana, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration exercises, and meditation. A part of the workshop time will be devoted to working in pairs and Acroyoga. Acroyoga is a fun way to practice yoga and exercise in pairs. One person is the base while the other is “flying” alone or with the help of others. The workshop leader is Marko Antunović, a kinesiology professional, who shares his passion for exercising and health with all the trainers in Zagreb and the region. No previous knowledge is required to participate in the workshop. Applications are made at the festival site. You should bring your own yoga mats if you have them. The workshop is free for all the customers and guests at the festival. The workshop will be held from 18:30 to 20:00, on the roof of Fort Punta Christo, every day of the festival, between the 19th and 21st of July. You can register on-site.

Video Production Workshop

Video produkcija

For the fourth year now a video production workshop will be held at Seasplash Festival. Workshop participants will get chance to learn the basics of video recording and installation. During the festival, participants will also create their own video work. Workshop leader is David Tešić – DMT, a longtime documentarist of the Seasplash Festival. David had graduated television production in the United States and for the past 10 years, he worked as a permanent associate for various productions and companies in Croatia and abroad. The workshop will be held from 19th to 24th July and participation is free for all festival visitors. The only requirement is that participants must have their own equipment (video or digital camera, cell phone…). The first meeting of participants with workshop leader David Tešić will be held on July 19th at 16.00 PM. All details will be sent by e-mail after the deadline for applications. Sign in!

Sound System Culture Workshop

Sound System kultura

The participants of the Sound System Culture Workshop will get an insight in the duties, roles, and responsibilities of the technical team working at the main festival stage – MainSplash. In addition to the intro presentation, the participants will be able to be present during the soundcheck, and see the preparations needed for a show. The workshop is led by Robert Martinović (Bamwisea, Jahstice), one of the best sound technicians in Croatia. He has been involved in music, music production, event production and organization, and concert booking. He has gained experience working with both analog and digital equipment in many different venues, and he has been an external associate, a stage manager and sound engineer for the Dimensions, Outlook, Terraneo, Lost Theory, Seasplash, and many other festivals. He is currently working as a technician/sound engineer for Pozitivan Ritam in the Caffé Bar Pločnik in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting will be held on July 22 at 2 pm next to the DubSplash stage. You can register on-site.