Artists, associations and collectives as part of the ArtSplash Colony represent their work at 16th Seasplash festival

ArtSplash colony, with the idea and goal to gather as many artists as possible, has been involved with many different areas and types of visual art and culture. This artistic platform gathers a network of artists whose work you will be able to see all around our festival site. Since the 14th Seasplash festival, and to this day, ArtSplash has had the opportunity to welcome more than 25 street artists, graffiti artists, illustrators, and multimedia artists. They have made our festival site not only a oasis of fun and partying, but also an oasis of artistic quality. This year, focused more on the local artists, we are presenting new faces along with our dear past guests in our large festival gallery.

For the second year in a row, Bad Taste and Stefan Jevremović are going to be exhibiting their work as a part of the ArtSplash colony during the 16th Seasplash Festival. Behind the name Bad Taste we find a 25 year old guy from Pula. A self taught artist, the majority of his work is dedicated to drawing, illustrating, painting, murals, and graphic design. His style is characterised by a fusion of the urban lifestyle and fairytales ( Stefan Jeremović has been an active artist for a few years now. He is a self taught artist from Pula whose favourite style of drawing are black and white portraits. Besides the classic approach to drawing, he is constantly exploring and trying out new techniques and styles ( /


EXE! is an informal collective from Pula formed on the 10th Seasplash platform when its members through joint work have come to knowing that they acan do something together from the beginning to the end. Collective includes Petra Pletikos (sawdust, trapan, paint), Iva Milaković (second saw, paint, computer) and Daniel Horvat (computer, projector, nagging). They graduated at domestic and foreign art academies, obscure places, and various exhibitions, gigs and parties ( /

LuMenArtist has been making sure that the Fort Punta Christo shins in the brightest light. Hungarian masters of light change every surface to something completely new giving it new meaning. Active since 2011, they have been decorating and exhibiting their light artistry on many different festivals like Lost Theory Festival, Ozora Festival, S. U. N. Festival, Electron Festival, Garden Festival, Terraneo Festival, Dimensions Festival, and Outlook Festival. LuMenArtist team will leave us breathless with their colourful lights all over the Fort Punta Christo ( /


New era, new performers, new artists

The 16th Seasplash Festival has recently presented a new, behind the scenes idea and concept by the name of “New Era”. This year we will be enjoying a series of new performers who will be premiering on our festival, between the 19th and 22nd of July, along with famous and established names from the world of sound system culture and bass music. Together with new performers, the ArtSplash colony is happy to welcome visual artists who will be exhibiting their work on Seasplash festival for the first time.

Crosk is guy from Osijek. He is dealing with grafitti since the mid 1990s when at the same time influenced by hip-hop culture, scene in Osijek began to appear. In addition to graffiti, the is also interested in photography, sculpture and all forms of street art. He is a member of the “Acting like a child” collective known for a number of very successful international art street art exhibitions called Artbeat, as well as “Original skillz Croatia”, which deal with the promotion of all the elements of hip hop culture ( /


Lav Paripović is a passionate 28 year old painter from Zagreb, a cum laude graduate of the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in the class of prof. Zoltan Novak. He has developed a specific personal style in a short period of time. His works adorn the streets, walls, garbage bins, and similar atypical surfaces which he likes to combine with animalistic motives. He has had four solo, and numerous group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad ( / /

Lav Paripović

Zorana Unković is a 29 year old from Zagreb. She got her Art Education Master’s degree in the class of prof. Matko Vekića at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. She has exhibited her work in numerous group exhibitions, and four solo ones. Besides her artistry, Zorana volunteers, sings, holds workshops for children and youth, is a human and animal rights activist, a proponent of anti-speciesism, and social justice and equality ( /

Zorana Unković

THeCo Art is a textile, eco friendly, recyclable, DIY and manufactory of decorations. THe Co deals with visual identity; from individual private space to indoor and outdoor space, and decorating various events and festivals like Tribal Floor at the Life Celebration Festival and Arboretum festival Dub Arena. Decorates, transforms and camouflaged events of the Munchies Sound System over the last few years (Dub Arena, Sup a Dub, Double Chamber, Dub Conference, Dubalunga …) (

TheCo Art