Call for Volunteers: Join the 16th Seasplash Festival!

You adore music festivals? You like to help, and with the ease and responsibility you carry out the tasks? Maybe you’ve never volunteered before and you see this as an ideal opportunity? Or you are among the top five people in your squad who has volunteer work in their blood? And when you think that you will volunteer at the beautiful fortress of Punta Christo built in the 19th century… Seasplash Festival is looking for YOU!

First of all you have to know that volunteer tasks are not so demanding. They include activities such as guiding and informing visitors about the program and festival facilities. Besides that, for those who are familiar with cooking space, there is a festival kitchen where you’ll maybe find out about some pretty good recipe and in addition you’ll also assist in feeding all the hungry mouths which makes sure that the festival’s work runs smoothly. Keep that in mind! And if you are environmentally conscious person you will surely watch that the festival area is clean and eye-pleasing.

Are you known as a moral vertical? Perhaps you’ll agree that the best activity for you is maintaining order and communication within the festival venue, and if you are an artistic soul you can also help us in realization of the art platform called ArtSplash. The last one but not less important activity is assistance in preparing and maintenance of the festival venue so we could all together carefree enjoy in the 16th edition of Seasplash festival!

Time you dedicate to Seasplash festival through four festival days is six hours per one shift, and you’ll have to get done at least two or three shifts depending on the position. Also, you can join us a few days before the official start if you want, but you’ll find more about it in the application form. The rest of your time you’ll spend enjoying refreshing sea near the fortress, warm sun and great music! For responsibly fulfilled volunteer duties Seasplash Festival will provide you a festival ticket, free open air campsite place (you provide your own camping equipment) and depending on your engagement, vouchers for drinks and hot meals. What you’ll have to ensure with your own means are travel costs of your trip. And remember – as much as you give to the festival, it returns you to the same extent!

Volunteers of Seasplash Festival can become all adults older than 18 years and those who apply goes through the selection process. All interested can apply no later than 24th of June via online application form.

For additional queries please contact us via

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