18th Seasplash was one of the few festivals in an “endemic” destination in Europe

We celebrated the 18th birthday of the festival last year through the Corona Edition. The Seasplash Festival was one of the few that took place last summer, in Martinska, a location that was the only one declared “endemic” in Europe.

Slightly more than 10,000 guests from Croatia, the region, Europe, and the world visited Martinska in Šibenik this summer. The second season took place in very difficult circumstances due to the current epidemic caused by the virus, but with many years of experience, Pozitivan ritam as a project coordinator helped to prepare the site as much as possible and justify it as a zone safe from Covid-19 virus, declared ‘unique’ as the only such in Europe.

Martinska project, launched last year in cooperation with the city of Šibenik, once again achieved its goals by bringing together Šibenik’s organizers of independent culture events and fulfilled expectations that are manifested in many positive reactions. In a period of six weeks, from 16 July to 23 August, in six consecutive weekends, six various events were held: the adult edition of the 18th Seasplash Festival, a festival dedicated to bass music and sound system culture, after many years revived Šibenik gitarijada, which presented a selection of current bands from Šibenik, the first Dalmatian edition of Slurp! Festival, drum & bass ‘mini-rave’ editions of the Membrain Festival, ‘pearl of domestic electronic music’ – Blast Fest, and Martinska punk, which along with recognizable names also celebrated 20 years since the first festival was held at this location.

Greetings and thanks to many visitors, as well as associates, who together provided new moments to remember, with a reminder to plan on time next summer because some of the events have already announced the dates of their events for 2021:

Welcome to Martinska!

19th Seasplash Festival, 15-18 July, 2021
Membrain Festival 2021, 5-8 August, 2021