20 years of Seasplash: collecting photos and videos for a group exhibition

Seasplash Festival is entering its third decade this year. There are too many memories and there are too many feelings about it. However, together with you we want to remember all those moments where you danced, laughed, created memories that we now, as the organizers of the festival, want to share with you to others.

In other words, we are hereby sending a public call to collect amateur and even professional photos and videos that cover 20 years of working on the oldest bass gathering. Our intention is simple, you send us your works, in cooperation with the curator of the exhibition Tena Starcevic, we will choose the best of the arrived, and we will reward you for your efforts with the festival, weekend, and a daily ticket.

The exhibition is conceived as a traveling caravan in three cities: Zagreb, in which the Seasplash Festival is prepared during the year, Pula as a city as a cradle and a long-time home, and Sibenik as the festivals present moment.

At the same time, we announce that the first caravan route will take place from July 5 to July 18 at the Azimut Club in Šibenik, in which we will expose your photographic and video works, with posters of all festival editions. Also, we intended to write down messages about the festival on the wall with thoughts and reviews about everything that this festivals means to you as visitors the Seasplash.

This interactive concept will, with your participation produce an interesting review of current festival experience, and it will bring the festival experiences closer to some new generations that will soon create their own memories of the Seasplash Festival.

To participate in the exhibition, you need to do the following:

Public call will be opened until 27.6, and the list of selected works and award-winning authors will be published on 1 July 2022.

And of course, see you at the celebration of this great jubilee: 20. Seasplash Festival, 14-17. July 2022, at Martinska in Šibenik.