Slackline workshop, and Highline presentation at 20th Seasplash festival

This year at the Seasplash festival you will be able to challenge yourself at slackline, the discipline of walking on an elastic band stretched between two trees. During the festival, slacklines of various widths and lengths will be set up for beginners and advanced walkers.

In addition, a highline about 110 meters long will be installed above the bay on the side of the canal. Highline is a slackline discipline that is performed at height with insurance. In the afternoon and evening, while you will be enjoying the music and swimming in the sea, you will be able to watch the highline performance of walking and doing various tricks. Antonia Gašperov, Klara Vučković, Darko Matešić and Luka Crnković will give you help and advice on how to make your first steps.