Kotač, a new multimedia cultural space in Pula opening next week

Place of cooperation, deliberation and development.

The modest, limited and mostly mainstream offer of clubs, centers and cultural institutions in Pula has inspired a young team to create a new creative space and to initiate a new driving energy that strives to bring new life into the scene of Pula.

Kotač Club, a new polyvalent open space in the city of Pula, will open its doors on Friday, December 8th.

Kotač Club is a non-commercial club founded by the Seasplash collective as an upgrade to the existing Edusplash platform – a Multimedia platform for education and development. It is located in the corner of the ground floor in the Social Center “Rojc” in Pula, at Gajeva 3. Kotač is conceived as a multimedia space for the production of culture, cultural and educational programs, projects and cooperation. An informal coworking space where all collectives, associations and individuals involved in culture, the production of cultural and other events can participate. It consists of a few open spaces that can “produce” and function separately, or if necessary, as one single unit.

Photo: Snježana Bratanović

The concept doesn’t just include sharing a space with someone, but also carries a much deeper meaning that involves creating an innovative, communicative and creative environment in which it’s possible to work, collaborate, share initiatives and ideas. The space is flexible and can expand its functionality and therefore maximize its potential. The co-working space is intended for workshops, business meetings, presentations, educational and music programs, exhibitions, performances and other purposes which benefit the diversified society and community.

The first coworking / art cluster in Pula will officially open on Friday, December 8th at 8 pm; the products of the Edusplash platform efforts will also be promoted through that occasion (Third Generation Photograph Exhibitions, Ableton live act etc.), as well as the program of the 11th Seasplash platform which will take place during December in various locations in Pula. Seasplash platformers and guests will be in charge of the music program throughout the opening.

Turn the wheel and have a dance with the many actors of Pula’s music scene on Friday.

Email: kotac@seasplash.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/COART008/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/klubkotac/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjdIe5QoP_N2Ak1htmxGgpA