C.U.B.E. vol. 6: breakdance & hip-hop battles


SATURDAY December 29 / 10 – 21h
Club Uljanik

C.U.B.E. (Colosseum Urban Battles Event) – international breakdance and hip-hop dance contest will be held for the sixth time as a part of the Seasplash platform. The AB Original Crew co-organizes this event and will bring together dancers from all around Croatia and from abroad. They will show their knowledge and abilities in this spectacular music and dance event. C.U.B.E. event opens its doors before new year in order to celebrate dance in big stile! DJ Tzek will take care for good music.

Freestyle dance battles for all ages in next categories:

BREAKDANCE: to 8y 1 vs 1, 8 – 12y 1 vs 1, 12 – 14y 1 vs 1, 14 – 16y 1 vs 1, 16+ y 1 vs 1, Crew vs Crew (all ages)

HIP-HOP: 1 vs 1 (all ages)

Breakdance: Bboy Tomi (Slovenia), Bboy Sinfy (Croatia) & BGirl Sara (Croatia)
Hip Hop: Sara (Croatia), Nebo (Croatia) & Leksa (BiH)

Application form for dancers: bit.ly/application_cube NOTE: online registration fee is 10 kn (payment on the day of competition); the registration fee on the day of the competition is 30 kn