270° – concert: FOB, Atheist Rap, ovRHa, Pizda Materna and Žulj

WEDNESDAY December 25 / 21 – 04h / entrance: 40 kn pre-sale at the Club Kotač, 50 kn on the day of the concert
Club Kotač 

The already traditional Christmas punk-rock concert is back again! On the bill the legendary Fakofbolan from Pula, Atheist Rap from Novi Sad, ovRHa from Pula, Pizda Materna from Slovenia and young punk hope from Rijeka group Žulj.

FAKOFBOLAN is a punk rock band founded in the mid 90’s of the last century, and as such it is one of the longest lasting, highest quality and most popular punk rock bands in this region. The band’s beginnings are related to the Monte Paradiso collective, as part of which they began organizing the legendary hardcore punk festival, Monte Paradiso. Still up-to-date, the 4th FOB album “…ako ne možeš napraviti sam bar pokvari drugome…” was released in 2013, for the PDV records. FOB continue to play tirelessly, and a new album is in the pipeline.



ATHEIST RAP was founded in 1989 in Novi Sad, 30 years ago! They were fully affirmed by the debut of “Maori and the Black Gonzales” (1993). Through fanzines and semi-private channels, the album finds its way to listeners on venues that were not available to the band at the time, and the song “Wartburg Limousine” brings them to the top of all the charts on which it was aired. Their current album is “Uberlauf”, released in 2015 for the PDV records. They’ve played more than 50 concerts in the last year alone. 



ovRHa is a punk rock band from Pula founded in April 2012. The members are: Đeni Brženda Brgy (vocals), Emil Kolak (guitar), Wolfang Ereš Wolgy (bass) and Nenad Rašeta Žare (drum). These are musicians with years of experience in various bands:Crnački Znoj, Frontalni Udar, Preludium, Pokret Otpora and Reanimacija. They have many concerts behind them, as well as the self-released studio album „Država“recorded in 2014.


PIZDA MATERNA is a Slovenian punk rock band formed 23 years ago in Ajdovščina. Shortly afterwards, singer Lea was joined by Richard, Andraž, Saša and Buddha. In 2016, they reunited and released the compilation album “Pizda Materna”.


ŽULJ is a punk rock band from Rijeka, formed in 2015. In 2016, they recorded the album ”Vlažne pjesme”, which they recorded and mixed themselves. In 2018, they recorded the album ‘”Resetiraj Civilizaciju”. In 2019, all recorded material is released on LP vinyl in a limited 100 pieces for the record label Monsterbilly Records, and the future is planned to record a childrens punk choir, church baroque punk compositions and so on.