Weekly Play program in July!

On 20th June 2016. Fort Punta Christo opened its doors for all visitors with the new program “Weekly Play” during which visitors are able to enjoy great fun and spend quality time in the unique ambience of historic cultural heritage. The program name “Weekly Play” refers to different cultural events which will be held during week days, from Monday to Friday, between 20th June till 16th August 2016. Fort Punta Christo will be open for visitors from 5 p.m. till midnight with free entrance for all.

In July, the Weekly Play program will include various cultural events: new program CinemaFORT – open air film projections; various musical performances, exhibitions of different authors/artists/activists, etc. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy in a variety of summer refreshments and good company surrounded with unique marine environment of historical fortress on peninsula of Štinjan, overlooking the Bay of Pula on one and Brioni National Park on the other side.
See you on Weekly Play at  Fort Punta Christo!

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“Weekly Play” program from 01.07. till 15.07.2016:


Friday 01.07.2016. / program: 8 p.m.
CinemaFORT presents Waste Land – documentary (UK / Brazil, 2010., 98′) by Restart label
About: Directed by Lucy Walker the film follows Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, energetic figure, whose large photos and portraits made from non-traditional materials (food, wire, metal) truly transformed into a major project. The film shows that beauty is never out of reach if there are people who do not stop believing in yourself.
Read more: http://restartlabel.net/o_filmu?id=57
Partners: Restart Association
Info: http://restarted.hr/

Music program:
BASS EXPLOSION 420 in DUB / reggae&dub selection
ERVIN – https://soundcloud.com/ervin_sound
JAN BECELE – https://www.facebook.com/BassExplosion420/


Saturday 02.07.2016./ program: 8 p.m.
CinemaFORT presents Remix Manifesto – documentary (Canada, 2008., 86′)
About: Web activist and film maker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the new information age which are breaking the media overview of the 20th century and removing the walls between users and producers of the content. The main protagonist is Girl Talk, a musician who is at the top of the music charts thanks to his sampled song. However, the question arises as to whether a musician Girl Talk represents ideal power of ordinary people or is he “Magic Flute of Piracy”? The documentary is showing the founder of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig; Brazilian Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow. The film was conceived as a participatory media experiment in which the director shares his raw material to opensourcecinema.org where users are able to make their own remix. The method of the film as “one mix” allows to all remixes to be its integral part.

Music program:
BASS EXPLOSION 420 in BASS / dubstep & drum’n’bass party
ERVIN – https://soundcloud.com/ervin_sound
JAN BECELE – https://www.facebook.com/BassExplosion420/


Monday, 04.07.2016. / from 5 – 11 p.m.:
Bar & Glazba / Bar & Music


Tuesday, 05.07.2016. / program: 8 p.m.
Exhibition opening “Three Ways of Thinking About Art” by BukaNoise Art Collective
Today we are witnessing the various political and society pressures with the goal to reduce the workspace of creative individuals. The production of individual indifference to society is the main weapon. We can not afford to be indifferent and we therefore decided to attack. The truth is scandalous, but without it there is nothing that would be worth. Honest and naive vision of the world is already a masterpiece. The exhibition will present the author Marko Krnjajić black & white photos with empty public spaces in Pula, paintings and graphite on canvas. The author Ivana Vojnić Vratarić will present ambiental installation with honeycomb motif.

Music program:
BukaNoise DJ set / respectable selection of Italian Dub and much more
Read more:


Wednesday 06.07.2016. / program: 8 p.m.
Brada & Luka Selecta + suprise DJ guests
Respectable selection of reggae and dancehall music performed by “Weekly play” host Brada and young 16 year old DJ Luka from Štinjan.


Thursday, 07.07.2016. / program: 8 p.m.
CinemaFORT presents Mama Europa – documentary (director: Petra Seliškar; Slovenia/Macedonia/Croatia, 2013., 90’) by Restart label
About: A lucid view of the hot topic of today’s Europe: borders between countries, the fences between the people and obstacles in the daily lives of many families. Inventively using animation, images and travel as a means of film narrative, the story of the film develops through engaging dialogue between mother and daughter.
Read more: http://restartlabel.net/o_filmu?id=143
Partners: Restart (Zagreb)
Music program:
Suprise DJ guests


Friday, 08.07.2016. /
Exhibition opening after party @Fort Punta Christo at 11 p.m.;
Music program: suprise DJ guests;
Note: Photo exhibition opening @Galerija Makina at 9 p.m. as the announcement of the beginning of the Pula Film Festival


Saturday 09.07.2016. / program: 8 p.m.
CinemaFORT presents ”Finding Fela” – documentary (SAD, 2014., 119’) by Restart label
Oscar winner, director Alex Gibney explores the controversial life, great music and undeniable cultural and political influence of the legendary creator of afrobeat music, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Read more: http://restartlabel.net/o_filmu?id=170
Partners: Restart (Zagreb)

Music program:
Suprise DJ guests


Sunday 10.07.2016/ program: 8 p.m.
Broadcast of the EURO 2016 finals on open fortress terrace (beer 0,5l – 1,7 eur) + Music program: suprise DJ guests.


Monday, 11.07.2016./ from 5 – 11 p.m.
Bar & Music


Tuesday, 12.07.2016. / program: 8 p.m.
CinemaFORT presents “Happily Ever After” – documentary (Netherlands / Croatia, 2014., 83′; Director: Tatjana Božić) by Restart Label
“Happily Ever After” is cathartic and poetic plunge into the depths of our own naked intimacy. Honest and introspective journey to unexplored and painful internal emotions which makes us seek the final answers: “Who am I? And why are my relationships generally doomed to fail? ”
Read more: http://restartlabel.net/o_filmu?id=160
Partners: Restart (Zagreb)

Photo exhibition by Igor Zirojević – “The Arcadian Discomfort / Punta Christo”
Photo exhibition “The Arcadian Discomfort – Punta Christo” will present an attractive photos of Fort Punta Christo which the author recorded from the air. Author’s photographs provide an entirely new, broader view of our cultural and historical heritage, while encouraging the viewer to profound reflect about the transience of time, the people, the society in general… The quote of the author: “Passed times in the present time.”  www.facebook.com/Igor-Zirojevic/

Music program:
Brian Air (aka dj marino)
– low cost hi-fi dj set _);
A pioneer of electro / psy trance music, resident DJ in Bourguignon in the 90s. One of the first Goa trance DJ and party organizer, host of Disco Inferno on Radio Pula. For this occasion, Brian Air will prepare freestyle set (of Downtempo, breakbeat, dub disco to techno).


Wednesday 13.07.2016./ program: 8 p.m.
14. Seasplash festival Warm up Party!
Brada&Luka Selecta VS. Sheco (Seasplash crew);
Music clash of young titans which will, with their music selection, introduce the upcoming exciting SoundSystem Edition of 14th Seasplash Festival.


Thursday, 14.07.2016. / program: 8 p.m.
Warm up for FilmSplash on 14. Seasplash Festival!
CinemaFORT presents “Journey to Jah” – documentary (Germany/Switzerland, 2013., 92′) by Restart Label
Directors Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer, together wtih cameraman Marcus Winterbauer spent seven years following two unique reggae artists – German named GENTLEMAN and Italian named ALBOROSIE – looking for authenticity, away from western consumer societies, in the country of rastafarianism and reggae music, Jamaica. The protagonists of the film immerses the viewer in a world where music serves as a valve in the fight against poverty, crime and a lack of perspective, but also a world marked by profound and encouraging spiritual ties. The film was presented in 2014 as part of the FilmSplash program at the 12th Seasplash festival. Read more: http://restartlabel.net/o_filmu?id=154
Partners: Restart (Zagreb)

Music program:
BASS EXPLOSION 420 in JUNGLE / reggae, dub, dubstep, jungle,drum ‘n’ bass selection
Zj sinke (PulaP Reggae Station) – https://soundcloud.com/pulap_station
eRvin – https://soundcloud.com/ervin_sound
JAN BECELE – https://www.facebook.com/BassExplosion420/


Friday 15.07.2016./ program: 8 p.m.;
Dubstep night by DJ’s: DJ Proove & Dega & Pudlika

Jan Becele-web
Brada Selecta