13th Seasplash Festival Aftermovie


At the end of a thundering year, during these cold days, a great opportunity arises for us to remember some warmer moments that marked the previous period. In this frame of mind, how about we all watch a tiny video showing the most interesting moments captured on this year’s Seasplash Festival?

Seasplash resident associate, young movie maker David Tešić (DMT Productions) was fiercely attentive and he was recording the events on the festival. He edited the first video of the planned four in the series. The other three videos shall be posted in the following weeks.

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Next year, from July 21 to 24, Seasplash Festival shall again be the host to numerous foreign and local performers that love & live bass music and culture. The names of the performers shall be announced soon.

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14th Seasplash Earlybird Reminder

Continuing the story of the end of the year, we have in mind that this is the time of the year for many to dream of summer, beach and music and where to spend their vacation and holidays and to come up with some wise decisions. It’s not in vain to say that The early bird catches the worm! And that’s why we send another reminder of the most affordable earlybird tickets available until the announcements of the first performers in January 2016. The price is 80 EUR.

The tickets are available online or through any of Entrio outlets.

As usual, festival tickets have the option of free camping with your own equipment.

–> seasplash-festival.com/en/festival/tickets