Wintersplash #3


in soundsystem style via Digitron Sound

Friday, 5.02.2010., 21-05 h
Tvornica Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb, Croatia

Balkan Dub Defenders crew / roots & dub

Kingston crew / jungle & drum’n’bass

DUBstep KLUB crew / dub rave
BAMSTER (Bamwise/Digitron)
JAN BECELE (Trip To Zion)
MENIGA (Radikal Dub/Seasplash)

MC’s: Jew-Bwoy aka Dub Insula & Chakka

visuals by Trip To Zion & Ladybome

tickets presale 5,50 euros in Kingston Shop, Radiceva 3, Zagreb
7 euros before / 8 euros after midnight at the doors

WINTERSPLASH- Winter Seasplash Party – is semifestival happening organized by Seasplash festival, raised on ashes of Zagreb Winter Reggae Festival, that was done in cooperation with Bass Culture Soundsystem, from 2005. to 2007.

In the last 5 years ZWRF and Wintersplash brought many known artists (Prince Alla, Ranking Joe, Dreadzone Soundsystem, Aba Shanti I, Abassi All Stars, Misty In Roots, Vibronics, Brain Damage, Kode 9, Tricky D,…), supported by local acts (Edo Maajka, Radikal Dub Kolektiv, ST!llness,…), various DJ and soundsystem crews.

This year Wintersplash appears in soundsystem edition, through several styles (roots reggae, dub, dubstep, jungle, drum’n’bass), with an overview of the Croatian scene and long lasting companions of the Seasplash festival, that stand out with continues engagement, dedication, events organization, production, releases, etc., so here are a few infos about them:

DIGITRON SOUND SYSTEM – sound system started by Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Jahstice Sound members, can be proud to be the 1st Croatian soundsystem with mighty “scoops” speakers, with respect and in continuation of tradition started many years ago on Jamaica, when only those who had their own p.a. on the dances could call themselves a “sound system”. Cooperation started on the last years edition of the 7th Seasplash festival, where Digitron appeared as hosts of Dubsplash Stage, that was continued on Zagreb edition of 7th Seasplash Fade Out Party at the end of November.
They organize regular International Dub Meetings with guests from international scene (Jah Free, Dandelion Soundsystem, Weeding Dub, Webcam Hi-Fi, O.B.F,…). Besides positive vibrations, a lot of fresh selection and dubplates can be expected, with MC’s that bring conscious messages along.

; owner of probably the biggest reggae vinyl collection on these territories, and one of surely the best nu-reggae/dancehall/jungle DJ’s. Started Kingston Shop 6 years ago, that got some new dimensions through closer connection with Seasplash organisation. Besides reggae shop, Kingston functiones as soundsystem that gatheres a few selectors, doing regular parties, and as record label that released first Croatian dub (Radikal Dub Kolektiv) and dancehall (Popay/Kingston Sound) releases (announcing first Filip Motovunski full-lenght, that will be the 1st Croatian jungle/d’n’b album), as well as a lot of other activities based on everlasting enthusiasm and love towards reggae and soundsystem culture.

FILIP MOTOVUNSKI; new “star” on the Croatian scene and currently one of the most interesting DJ and producer. Made his first steps as MC and beatmaker of hip-hop/jungle act PCP, and then started to work on jungle/drum’n’bass production, at the same time becoming the new member in Kingston Sound. Regularly doing “Drama” parties in the city of Pazin, being a part of Input festival team in the place of Motovun as well. His performance on the 6th Seasplash festival was noticed by RCola – Canadian DJ and producer with renomee, and owner of JungleXpeditions label, that just released “Ta Pa Tap”, Filip’s first digital 5-songs EP, that announced many nice things and new releases in the future.

DUBstep KLUB crewBamster (Bamwise/Digitron), Jan Becele (Trip To Zion) i Meniga (Radikal Dub/Seasplash) are DUBstep KLUB founders and residents, new clubbing event that started in the second half of the last year, promoting very actual electronic style, that spreads as a disease around the globe. Thinking that it evolved the style, both in arrangements and production, successfully recycling different electronic influences. It already proved there is more space for dubstep promotion in the region, primarily motivated with the wish to party along new and good music, mostly relying on its harder, darker and more psychedelic definition, announcing many events and guesting acts in time that comes.

TRIP TO ZION – audio-visual collective based in Zagreb formed 5 years ago, organising regular monthly reggae and dub parties, in order to promote young DJ’s, sound systems and bands. As time passed by, they developed to more different styles (d’n’b, breakbeat, trance, dubstep,…), as well as to booking shows for known ex-Yugoslavian and European acts. Trip To Zion collective DJ’s and VJ’s are now appearing regularly on various festivals, shows and parties, being also a part of the Seasplash festival editions in the last few years. In 2007. they started to work live visuals for the band called ST!llness, developing to the video production, too. Besides participating in DUBstep KLUB, by the end of 2009. they made video for Elemental (known Croatian hip-hop band), for their actual single.

LADYBOME – trash clash fresh fesh’ mash outlaw video artist… Living, working and hiding in Berlin, expelled and wanted across European Union, working undercover in secret locations…

Seasplash invites you to 8 hours of pure Wintersplash joy!!!

The 8th Seasplash festival (Pula, Croatia, 22.-25.07.2010.!) promotional campaign, with first announcements and cheaper festival tickets presale starts soon!