Greenpeace is bringing solar energy to the Seasplash Festival!

We are very happy to announce that the Greenpeace eco team is coming to sun energize us on the Seasplash festival!


During the festival, the Greenpeace activists will provide phone charging, internet hotspot and ice for your hot drinks, powered only by solar energy. With their mobile photovoltaic panels, they are promoting the use of renewable energy sources, especially solar energy of the Adriatic. You can support them through signing a petition or sharing their site on the social networks. If you have any questions, there will be volunteers waiting for you to give you the answers, inspired by natural energy!


The Adriatic Coast and the whole Mediterranean, as the leading tourist destination in the world, have plenty of sun – natural source of electricity. With the precipitous drop of the solar equipment price and global trends of the accelerating transition to renewable energy sources, there is no excuse to continue using dirty fossil energy in the form of coal and oil. The calculations of experts show that the tourism sector can particularly benefit from photovoltaic installations, protecting the nature at the same time.