ArtSplash art colony at the 18th Seasplash Festival

So far, in its four years of existence, the art colony ArtSplash has gathered over 30 works created by street art artists, graffiti writers, illustrators, and multimedia artists, who with their artistic contribution turned the festival location into an urban oasis, not only for fun but also for artistic quality.  This year’s edition of ArtSplash will be enriched by eight local artists who will paint the walls of the festival location in colorful and cheerful tones. The works will be made as part of the festival in order to show visitors the whole process of making, so walking through the location you will be able to see works performed by the following artists: Helicopter (Zagreb), Tiger (Rijeka), Kexer (Zagreb), Show (Pula), Smel (Zagreb), Disco (Zagreb), Sorrow (Zagreb), Madre (Zagreb). Besides them, we will enjoy the art of Hungarian light artists LuMenArtist who will make Martinsk shine in most beautiful lights.