First line up announcement including Reggae Roast and Inner Terrestrials among others

Last summer, the Seasplash Festival was one of the rare festivals to happen in Europe and the world. It celebrated its 18th birthday, its coming of age, with Coronavirus restrictions in place. This year, the festival will once again come about amidst Covid-19 circumstances. 19th Seasplash Festival has therefore been given an apt subtitle – Corona edition pt. 2.

Even under these conditions, we strive to offer you a unique festival experience featuring rich and dynamic content on several stages. The festival will last four days and will again be held at the Martinska location – fitted up as a Covid-safe zone.

Today, we are delighted to present the first selection of performers that will enrich the program of this year’s edition.

Reggae Roast feat. Natty Campbell

Reggae Roast have forged a reputation as the leading light in the resurgence of the UK Reggae / Dancehall scene bringing Reggae music to a new younger audience. Combining the label, event organization, and their own sound system, they are coming to the Seasplash Festival for the first time together with London MC Natty Campbell to spread their conscious messages.

Inner Terrestrials

Inner Terrestrials is one of the most important punk / reggae / ska / dub bands from the end of the last and the beginning of this century. The new, fifth album “Heart of the Free” came out in 2021, and after 2013 they are returning to the Seasplash Festival with their activist approach and loud messages against the establishment.


Widely recognized as one of the most prominent producers of drum and bass music in recent times, Billain is a master of auditory innovation and has rightly gained his reputation as an influential creator of this genre. His debut album “Nomad’s Revenge” was nominated for “Best Album of the Year” at the British DnB Awards.

Brain Holidays

Brain Holidays are pioneers of reggae music in Croatia, in 20 years of work, they have five studio albums and lots of concerts behind them. The release of “Jamaican Connection” was recorded in 2020 in the best studio in the Caribbean islands, Tuff Gong, founded by the legendary Bob Marley.


Slovenian reggae singer, musician, and producer Tadiman is coming to the Seasplash festival to present his first solo album “Soljahs of Love”. Active for more than 25 years on his musical journey, Tadiman has worked as a radio host, reggae promoter, band leader Siti Hlapci, frontman of Makako Jump, and singer in the project The Ufoslavians.

Mexican Stepper

Mexican Stepper is the most famous Mexican dub producer on the international scene. He is part of the third wave of Mexican dub activists and is notable for his distinctive style in which he mixes the influence of French, UK dub, and Mexican music.

Also confirmed are the following artists:

Anja G & Dr.Obi
Banana Zvuk
Dirty Hairy
BarabaDub SoundSystem
Homegrown Sound
Dubar Sound
Rasta Altitude Sound
Belly Full
Groove Playaz
Looney Grandpas

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