Seasplash » 19th Seasplash Festival

First line up announcement including Reggae Roast and Inner Terrestrials among others

Last summer, the Seasplash Festival was one of the rare festivals to happen in Europe and the world. It celebrated its 18th birthday, its coming of age, with Coronavirus restrictions in place. This ye I 19th Seasplash Festival

This year’s visual revealed

We are extremely pleased to present the visual of the 19th Seasplash Festival made by our designer Marijana Krbot. Stay tuned, we are announcing the first line up soon! 🙂 ☀️ 19th Seasplash Fest I 19th Seasplash Festival

Realistically-optimistic, we are looking forward to the summer and the 19th edition of the Festival

We celebrated the 18th birthday of the festival last year through the Corona Edition. The Seasplash Festival was one of the few that took place last summer, in Martinska, a location that was the only I 19th Seasplash Festival

Dates announced and tickets for the next year’s festival edition now online

The dates of the 19th Seasplash Festival, which will take place from 15 to 18 July 2021, have been announced, and the Super Early Bird Festival tickets have been released. All foreign guests who came I 19th Seasplash Festival