And it’s a wrap! The 19th Seasplash Festival ends.

Visitors and performers will undoubtedly take home pleasant memories of these four days in July, despite the organizational challenges and the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. The relaxed mood in the appealing Mediterranean setting spiced with great performances and other interesting festival content once again justified the status and fulfilled the mission of Seasplash, which is upheld even when organizational circumstances are “impossible”.

With two night stages and one day stage, this year’s edition brought a detailed cross-section of the current Croatian and regional bass scene with the added and extraordinary experience of the main guests, the British punk-dub trio Inner Terrestrials.

Especially noteworthy is the fact that there were a lot of live band formations this year, including phenomenal performances by multi-member ensembles such as One Dread, Brain Holidays, Alejuandro Buendija i Sinovi and Plesač sporog stepa. Duos like Kali Fat Dub and Anja G & Dr.Obi also delivered great performances.

With a top-notch music program, the festival breathed with full lungs; it danced and radiated creativity through several workshops, and a 150-meter-long slackline, reaching from one side of the bay to the other, represented a special adrenaline challenge for the bravest of the visitors.

Admission to the festival, as announced, was only possible with a valid Covid certificate or a negative antigen test taken at the entrance. Whether such a regime will also be in place next year when Seasplash celebrates its 20th birthday is difficult to predict, but there is no doubt about the date of the event, July 14 to 17, 2022.

Early bird tickets are already on sale!