Dub Yoga

Dub Yoga is back with us at 19th Seasplash Festival! This type of yoga consists of physical exercises, posture or asanas, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration, and meditation. One part of the workshop will be devoted to the practice in pairs and acrobatic yoga (acro yoga). Acroyoga is a fun way to practice yoga in pairs. One person makes a training base while the other “flies” alone or with someone else’s help. To take part in the workshop, there is no need for any anticipation but only a little goodwill. It is ideal for participants to carry their exercise mat (karimat) but also they can bring an ordinary mat for the beach. Participation in the workshop is free for all festival visitors.

Workshop leader: Marko Antunović (Zagreb) is a kinesiologist who shares his passion for health and fun activities with practitioners in Zagreb and nearby for nearly 10 years. The broad spectrum of his interest and abilities extends from a scientifically-based approach to the transformational training process of the physical aspect of yoga through performative and dramatic theater plays in theater & TD and works with students at two faculties in Zagreb. Mark also leads workshops and yoga acrobalance at music festivals aimed towards the tolerance and spread of love and culture through music.

To register for the workshop you need to send personal information to: marko.antunovic@hotmail.com