Workshops at the 19th Seasplash Festival


In its five years of operation, the ArtSplash art colony has gathered over 40 works created by street art artists, graffiti writers, illustrators and multimedia artists, who with their artistic contribution turned the festival location into an urban oasis of not only good entertainment but also artistic qualities. This year’s edition of ArtSplash will be enriched by over ten local artists who will repaint and beautify the available surfaces and walls within the festival location on Martinska in colorful and cheerful tones.

The works will be made as part of the festival in order to show visitors the whole process of making, so walking through the location you will be able to see the works performed by the following artists: Casino / Kocka / Rakun / Orden / Stone / Saker / Sperk / Kexer / Poster / Crna Teta / Crosk

Along with them, there are also Hungarian masters of the light craft, LuMenArtist, who will light up the festival location with their light rays.
The novelty of this year’s edition of ArtSplash is a graffiti workshop for all ages and visitors to Seasplash, which will be led by the creative team of ArtSplash. The workshop will be held during the festival in several stages so that all those interested can attend and learn how to create their own graffiti. In addition to letter-drawing exercises, the workshop will also cover the historical part of graffiti culture through a short lecture and literature.

Cromaicanz Radionice

Cromaicanz is a Dancehall group from Zagreb, inspired by Jamaican and African cultures and the freedom that dance as art gives to both body and mind. Cromaicanz group members also share their knowledge and love of Jamaican and African cultures through the organization of different initiatives such as dance classes, workshops, performances, and parties. This year, festival visitors will have a chance to participate in the Dancehall dance workshops and enjoy energetic performances of the group Cromaicanz!

Dub Yoga

Dub Yoga is back with us at 19th Seasplash Festival! This type of yoga consists of physical exercises, posture or asanas, relaxation, breathing exercises, concentration, and meditation. One part of the workshop will be devoted to the practice in pairs and acrobatic yoga (acro yoga). Acroyoga is a fun way to practice yoga in pairs. One person makes a training base while the other “flies” alone or with someone else’s help. To take part in the workshop, there is no need for any anticipation but only a little goodwill. It is ideal for participants to carry their exercise mat (karimat) but also they can bring an ordinary mat for the beach. Participation in the workshop is free for all festival visitors.


Slackline is a physical-mental balancing activity – walking on an elastic band stretched between two points; usually two trees.

On Saturday and Sunday throughout the day, you will be able to try walking on multiple slacklines of different strip lengths and widths. Antonia Gašperov and Darko Matešić, who have been involved in slackline for many years, will give you help and advice on how to connect the steps as easily as possible.

Beatz & Yoga

Beatz & Yoga as a concept is essentially intended for everyone who wants to experience yoga in a different way and no previous experience in yoga practice is required. Beatz & Yoga is an unconventional style where you work on the body and mind with music, which means dynamic Yoga-Flow and Asana on the Beat.