18th Seasplash was one of the few festivals in an “endemic” destination in Europe

We celebrated the 18th birthday of the festival last year through the Corona Edition. The Seasplash Festival was one of the few that took place last summer, in Martinska, a location that was the only I 18th Seasplash festival

In memoriam: Emil Marciuš

We were devastated from the moment when the disturbing news came to us that Emil Marciuš had passed away, above all a great man and a long-time friend and collaborator of the Seasplash Festival. As t I Seasplash

Never published recordings of concerts of the 6th Seasplash Festival in live stream

While we are waiting for next summer and the 19th edition of the Seasplash Festival, which will take place from 15 to 18 July on Martinska, we will overcome these “crisis” days with ne I Events

Dates announced and tickets for the next year’s festival edition now online

The dates of the 19th Seasplash Festival, which will take place from 15 to 18 July 2021, have been announced, and the Super Early Bird Festival tickets have been released. All foreign guests who came I 19th Seasplash Festival

18th Seasplash met all expectations

Seasplash, more precisely its 18th edition, which ended last week at Martinska near Šibenik, as one of the few musical events in Croatia and beyond, judging by the reactions, met the expectations of I 18th Seasplash festival

The ArtSplash art colony decorated Martinska

During the festival, for the fifth time in a row, the ArtSplash art colony. In addition to the impressive projections and decorations of the location performed by LvmenArtist from Hungary, this year A I 18th Seasplash festival

ArtSplash art colony at the 18th Seasplash Festival

So far, in its four years of existence, the art colony ArtSplash has gathered over 30 works created by street art artists, graffiti writers, illustrators, and multimedia artists, who with their artist I 18th Seasplash festival

The premiere of the after movie of the 11th Seasplash Festival from 2013 by Ivo Validžić

Ivo Validžić a.k.a. “HORIZONT ONE”, singer, songwriter, creator of photos and videos in 2013, made a short documentary about the 11th Seasplash Festival. In the video you can find interv I Video Gallery