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A great performance by the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble opened the 17th Seasplash Festival

Last night, with performances by New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, Brain Holidays, and Bass Culture Sound System 17th Seasplash Festival was opened at the St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik. More th I 17th Seasplash Festival

Taxi boat to the Seasplash festival

In addition to the regular boat lines you can reach Seasplash festival by taxi boat that is available 24 hours a day. Taxi boat is departing from the club Azimut and drives to the Martinska dock. The I 17th Seasplash Festival

17th Seasplash Festival Map

For the first time in the 17 years of the festival, Seasplash is taking a trip down south, to beautiful Dalmatia, more precisely to Martinska pier. Situated directly across the sea from the historic C I 17th Seasplash Festival

17th Seasplash Festival schedule is out!

Check out the detailed schedule of the 17th Seasplash Festival! I 17th Seasplash Festival

Regular day and night boat transfers to the Seasplash Festival

In order to make the arrival to Martinska, our new festival location, faster and easier from the City if Šibenik,  boat transfer lines were introduced. Boat Avalon will drive six times a day from on I 17th Seasplash Festival

Iskonov POP UP glazbeni kviz na Seasplash festivalu

Najposjećeniji domaći glazbeni kviz iz Tvornice Kulture u subotu, 20. srpnja stiže na Seasplash Festival! Glazbeni entuzijasti, znalci, ljubitelji pub quiz formi i svi znatiželjnici, koji ovo ljet I 17th Seasplash Festival

DubSplash and SoundSplash Stage schedule, ArtSplash and last announced Seasplash Festival artists

In a week Martinska, a new festival location in the heart of Dalmatia will host the Seasplash Festival for the first time, which will be held from 18th to 21st July. The Seasplash Festival will “occ I 17th Seasplash Festival

Retrospective of the ArtSplash colony and new artistic faces at the 17th Seasplash Festival

At the new festival location, Martinska near Sibenik, Seasplash festival will present the work of artists gathered around ArtSplash colony. In its 17th edition, Seaspalsh brings a retrospective of the I 17th Seasplash Festival

Adrian Sherwood is joining the list of great dub and reggae artists for the 17th Seasplash Festival

A little more than two weeks are left until the 17th edition of the Seasplash Festival, which will be the held in Dalmatia for the first time in its history, more precisely at the beautiful beach Mart I 17th Seasplash Festival

One month away until the 17th Seasplash Festival

We are exactly one month away from the beginning of the 17th Seasplash Festival, one of the most significant bass music festival in the region, the gathering place for lovers of dub, reggae, ska, drum I 17th Seasplash Festival

Workshops at the 17th Seasplash Festival

Check out all of the workshops at the 17th Seasplash Festival! DJ workshop by DJ Venom DJ workshop by legendary DJ Venom is back on track! If you are a passionate music lover or you are simply curious I 17th Seasplash Festival

Call For Volunteers: Join the 17th Seasplash Festival!

Seasplash Festival has opened the applications for all of you who are interested to participate and become the part of the volunteer team of the 17. Seasplash Festival, one of the most long-lasting mu I 17th Seasplash Festival