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New artists added to the Seasplash lineup, led by Edo Maajka!

The number of Seasplash festival artists is unmanageable growing in all directions! Please, move! The biggest hip hop head in the Balkans and the ambassador of the scene, Edo Maajka, is coming to the I 14th Seasplash Festival

Get involved in 14th Seasplash festival as volunteer!

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to be engaged in different activities in production, participate in organizational segment of festival program: communication with visitors and performers, I 14th Seasplash Festival

Big number of airlines connects Seasplash with the rest of the European bass world!

If you are unsuccessfully looking for the easiest way to travel to Seasplash, do not worry, you can always catch a plane! Pula airport, located just 12 kilometers away from the festival location, is w I Seasplash

New artists & new visual identity of the 14th Seasplash revealed!

Dear Seasplash lovers, we are honored to present you the second update of the 14th Seasplash Festival lineup. Bass echoes will follow you from dusk till down! Besides 9 previously confirmed soundsyste I 14th Seasplash Festival

Seasplash hosts DORF

At the 14th Seasplash, we are hosting Documentary Rock Film Festival DORF! Diligent DORF editors will spend this season on the road commemorating 10 years of the festival. They will make a stop in Pul I 14th Seasplash Festival

First artists and concept of the 14th Seasplash Festival revealed!

A special edition of the 14th Seasplash Festival is heading our way and is dedicated to the sound system culture. During the festival, the dominant majority of regional sound systems, present and acti I 14th Seasplash Festival

Don’t Wait for Santa Claus – Grab Your Seasplash ritam Package Right Away!

For fast and decisive, we have a short term special offer related to Seasplash ritam compilation. We have two types of limited edition bundles – double vinyl + T-shirt and CD + T-shirt, at an en I Seasplash